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Principal: Jonathan M. Lizee, Ph.D.

I have a diverse background and training in the arts, anthropology, archaeology, and technology. Along this journey I developed skills in data analysis, writing, editing, publishing, and audio engineering.

The short version: I studied Fine Arts (painting and music) as an undergraduate. While pursuing a Ph.D. in Anthropology I worked as a professional cultural resource management field director- and conducted archaeological and historic architectural surveys across southern New England. During this time I published dozens of technical reports, requiring the analysis of data, construction of site specific and regional distribution maps, and artifact illustration.

With the arrival of the Web I saw the potential for near-time publication and real-time collaboration. My career shifted towards technology, and worked for 12 years as a technology services director in support of teaching, learning, and research at an Ivy League institution. In addition, I have lectured, at the university-level, in the fields of cultural anthropology and archaeology.

There is a more detailed CV on LinkedIn.

I have written technical papers on compositional and stylistic trends in prehistoric ceramics, the role of technology in education/research, and post-punk music. I am a painter and graphic designer- a musician, sound designer, and composer.

farm0182 offers a broad range of creative design and production services. We specialize in visual/audio design and production, data visualization, audio engineering, and writing/editing/publishing. We collaborate with a network of content/media providers when necessary.

We approach each project as an element within a distinct cultural ecology. Understanding the dynamics between the project and its relevant cultural context are critical to our thinking.

With a background in fine arts, music, writing, and anthropology, farm0182 is uniquely positioned to identify intersections between projects/products and their potential cultural impact.


is a visual and audio

design studio.

We provide

creative, production,


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solutions across

the media spectrum.

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