Aimee Kanzler
cello, bass guitar, engineering

Nat Lyon
guitars, piano, percussion, vocals, engineering

rift|fault is a chamber-punk duo from rural Connecticut. By weaving together elements of classical, ambient, drone, noise, processed sounds, and field recordings- Nat Lyon (left) and Aimee Kanzler (right), create minimalist arrangements that cross/blend/bend multiple genres.

In writing and recording an alternative re-score for Jean-Gabriel Périot's film, Nijuman No Borei, rift|fault constructed a piece in four movements, combining cello, piano, processed and ambient sounds, guitars, and minimal percussion, called 200,000 Phantoms.

Movement 1: Construction of the Genbaku Dome and the industrialization of Hiroshima.

Movement 2: The aftermath of the 6 August 1945 atomic bomb explosion.

Movement 3: The reconstruction of Hiroshima, the preservation of the Genbaku Dome as a memorial, and the evolution of the anti-war movement.

Movement 4: Closing credits. This is a re-mix of Movement 1.

200,000 Phantoms premiered at Sancturary 2017, in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, on 23-24 September.

For more information on the Nijuman No Borei installation and Sanctuary 2017- please visit the web site.

rift|fault's first release, EP 001 (2017) consists of four minimalist arrangements about bicycle safety, pretentious graduate student parties, stumbling, and the spiral of anxiety. This was followed by the caustic and thrashing single, FDT (Fucking Donald Trump), a song consisting of one chord (Em) about a one-dimensional politician.

rift|fault is currently completing the recording of a 12-part variation entitled The Swamp Yankee Ethnographic Series, Volume 1, which will be released in November 2017 with an accompanying novel by Nat Lyon.

More music can be found at:

Commissions and collaborations are invited. For more information, contact farm0182.

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