This CD version of
Church of the Scared
is restricted for sale only
in the US and Canada.

To purchase
a digital download,
or the UK/EU version
of the CD,
please visit the
Sweet Benfica
bandcamp page.

"This is music from real life- and the delivery is both heartfelt and authentic.

You cannot buy authentic.

I don't care how much money you have."

01 July 2019

The witch is out again

Sweet Benfica is the new sound of Wales. Passionate garage-rock perfect for scorching hot summer days and long winter nights. Guitar driven, and fueled by visions of old VHS horror movies, fever dreams, sleeping naked, running wild, and the conflict between self reflection and unmitigated rage- Church of the Scared brings a new perspective to the post-rock genre.

I'm some beautiful trash

Sweet Benfica is classic punk rock blended with a psychedelic sci-fi twist. It is cinematic, reckless, and celebrates the rough edges of daily life.

Guitars fuzzed to the rumbling max, heavy reverb on the vocals, pounding drums, distant echoes- Church of the Scared will remind you of a lot of things, but it also provides you with a map to a new destination in post-punk. It sounds like an optimistic incarnation of Jesus & Mary Chain or The Cramps on happy pills.

Distributed in the US and Canada by farm0182. To purchase the digital download, or a CD in the UK/EU- please visit the Sweet Benfica bandcamp site.

For more information- check the Sweet Benfica and farm0182 twitter feeds.

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